LA GAZELLE D’OR Hotel will serve as the conference headquarters hotel, and it located in the heart heart of the palm grove of the city of El Oued (Algerie) , LA GAZELLE D’OR is a vast resort offering a unique setting for an idyllic experience.

All Workshops, Tutorials, Symposiums within the Technical Program, Keynotes will be held at the LA GAZELLE D’OR.

Possibilities to join Saconet :

  1. One airplane directly from Paris to El Oued
  2. Many airplanes per day from Paris to Algiers (2h) and after Algiers to El Oued (1h10).
  3. You can also reach El Oued by road (3 hours) from Biskra airport (regular flights from Paris on Monday, Tuesday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday).)

For all details, see site Air algerie: