Designed as an autumn school, the 2 days of October 27th and 28th will occur within the University of El Oued. Scientific tutorials and practical workshops, on current topics in the fields of digital development through intelligent communications will be presented. The participation in these 2 days is done exclusively by prior registration with Prof. Salim Bitam ( and Pr. Medileh Saci (

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27-oct 28-oct
8h00-10h50 : Yassine Hadjadj-Aoul: Analysis of caching strategies for content centric networks 8h00-10h50 : Jean-Marc Thiriet: Sûreté de fonctionnement et Cyber-sécurité des systèmes cyber-physiques
10h50-11H20: Coffee break & Posters presentation 10h50-11H20: Coffee break & Posters presentation
11h20-13H10: Thiago Abreu: Fiabilité et communication des données de santé 11h20-13H10: Sami Souihi: Les réseaux logiciels (ou Software-defined networking), une révolution?
13h10-13H50: Lunch 13h10-13H50: Lunch
13h50-15h40: Saïd Hoceini: Sécurisation des échanges de données 13h50-15h40: Mustapha Senouci : Tools for scientific writing & Academic publishing
15h40-16H10: Coffee break & Posters presentation 15h40-16H10: Coffee break & PhD. Oral presentation
16h10-19H00: Rosa Abbou: Les techniques de modélisation de systèmes dynamiques 16h10-19H00: Denis Genon-Catalot : New trends for IPV6 low bandwidth : 6LowPAN